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As the award-winning blog of Butterfield & Robinson, the world’s premier active travel company, at The Slow Road we don’t just “cover” a country or region; we provide you with the insight, experience and expertise you need to immerse yourself in it. While we view the open road as an invitation, be it into a vintner’s cellar, a chef’s kitchen, a hotelier’s suite or—more often than not—a local friend’s life, we know that a good journey is made great with company. So consider this not only a resource for becoming that most discerning of world wanderers, but an invitation. We hope to see you on the road.

About Butterfield & Robinson

It’s been 50 years since we made a conscious decision, on the back of a cocktail napkin, to encourage people to “slow down to see the world.” Ever since, Butterfield & Robinson has been leading trips that amble where others stride, linger where others inhale, bike where others motor and sip where others quaff. In the words of Gypsy Rose Lee, a woman who, if nothing else, knew the value of doing things very, very slowly: “Anything worth doing well is worth doing slowly.” Amen to that.

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