Food-Focused Bicycle Trips to Take For Your Summer Holidays

Published by Travel + Leisure India
Written By Jancee Dunn

Bike use has surged around the world in the past two years—and that includes bike use while travelling. Kathy Stewart, CEO of Butterfield & Robinson, says that of all the company’s active travel offerings, cycling is the most popular. 

As summer trip-planning ramps up, a cycling holiday checks all the boxes: it’s eco-friendly, offers ample fresh air and sunshine, and works for different ages and abilities. E-bike sales have also skyrocketed amid the pandemic and bike travel is even driving economic growth in developing countries.

But many of us may need a little extra incentive to tackle those last few km — and culinary-themed bike tours are the answer.

Some are led by chefs who happen to be cyclists, others by guides who are rabid food-lovers. If you’re not in Tour De France-level shape (who is, really?), most tours offer an e-bike option.

Here are eight of the most innovative food-focused bicycle trips to book this summer. Pedal, eat, repeat: what’s not to like?

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