Honeymooning, B&R Style

“It was such a B&R moment,” Stephanie Hill recalls when asked for the highlight of her honeymoon. And as a former B&R Travel Advisor, she knows a B&R moment when she sees one.

Stephanie and John Hill, Honeymoon Travel
“It was five-star all the way,” Stephanie says of the Oberoi Udaivilas in Rajasthan.

Honeymooning at the Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, Stephanie and her husband Jon enjoyed all of the luxury the first-class property had to offer. And at a hotel that frequently ranks among the best in the world, luxuries certainly abounded.

“It’s ridiculous!” Stephanie enthuses. “It’s incredible, it was five-star all the way.”

As a Travel Advisor, Stephanie admits that she had an easier time than most planning a honeymoon in the lap of luxury—B&R offers honeymoon itineraries in all corners of the world, from Burgundy to Cambodia. But for many, juggling the stress of wedding planning with the logistics of putting together a first-class honeymoon (on the other side of the planet, no less) would be enough to make even the most mild-mannered bride unleash her inner bridezilla.

“It would have been really tough had I not had the insider intel from B&R,” she says. “I would have really appreciated some help.”

What’s in a name? (Great service, in this case.)

Of course, being able to drop a certain acronym certainly didn’t hurt.

“Even just mentioning B&R at the hotel, they knew us, they loved us—the company has such a good reputation,” she says. “The staff were really friendly and extra helpful just because I worked for Butterfield & Robinson.”

Rajasthan Hotel
The spa, the pool and the onsite yoga made for amazing amenities, but nothing quite tops an authentic, local experience.

So, what was the “B&R moment” that left such a mark? A visit to the relaxing and romantic Oberai Spa? The heated swimming pool that wraps around the hotel and overlooks the lake? The daily yoga classes offered on the premises? Amazing features all, but not what stood out for Stephanie.

“We saw a talent show,” she says. (And yes, she’s serious.)

She elaborates:

“We got to know our butler pretty well during our stay. One night, he invited us to the staff quarters in the hotel and we had a true Rajasthan experience. The staff got together to put on a talent show—it was basically Bollywood on stage, there was lots of dancing and elaborate, colourful costumes. So we got to eat with the locals (we were the only tourists there), enjoy lots of food, meet with the staff’s families, and watch the talent show. I’ll never forget it.”

Like we said—Steph knows a B&R moment when she sees one.

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