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Published by Destinations of the World News | By Laurel Munshower

Japan: For Exotic Heritage

Japan is on the bucket list for many world travellers, so why not make a family excursion out of it? Experience the most fascinating elements of the country’s culture from Tokyo’s frenetic urban cacophony of sights, lights and sounds to a heritage richly preserved in subdued Kyoto. Starting in Tokyo, Butterfield & Robinson’s 10-day journey begins with tours of Tokyo neighbourhoods like Harajuku and Omotesando – the latter a hotspot for incredible shopping. After experiencing the famous Tsujiki fish market and letting the kids in on a bit of swordplay, or Japanese kendo, Kyoto calls. Inhabited by an impressive 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Japan’s former capital brims with cultural sights and activities like the Shogun’s castle, Arashiyama’s bamboo-lined paths, and kids will be fascinated by the opportunity to meet geisha and be entertained by cute monkeys in a park. There’s a lot to explore but plenty of time to refresh in luxe digs at each destination, like The Palace Hotel, located across from the gardens of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, or the mountain-set Ryokan Hakone-Ginyu spa resort.

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