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Books About Loire Valley

At The Slow Road we answer to many names (wanderers, bon vivants, students of life) but first and foremost, we’re a group of dedicated travellers.

That’s why we love compiling reading lists that include those books—from novels to memoirs, and everything in between—that have really opened up our favourite regions.

In this post we’ve rounded up some of our favourite books about the Loire Valley.

Must-Read Books about Loire Valley


books about loire valleyThe Road from the Past, Traveling through History in France

By Ina Caro

Time travel through France by way of its finest chateaux, cathedrals and monasteries. This unusual travelogue is an invaluable companion for traveling in Paris, southern France, the Dordogne and the Loire Valley, combining personal observation with large doses of well-presented history.

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Books About NormandyThe Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages

By Alain Erlande-Brandenburg

All over Europe, from Westminster to Rouen, the cathedrals of the Middle Ages still stand. This book explores the world of the medieval master mason. How were these structures built when only primitive machinery was available? Who initiated and designed them? Who built and paid for them?

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Experience Loire Valley With B&R

Scheduled Group Biking Trip

See just how sweet life is here! Our Loire Châteaux Biking trip allows you to take a romantic ride through history. Slum it with Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, and Leonardo da Vinci, as you stay at not one, but two châteaux. You’ll feel like royalty at every turn.


Private Group Biking Trip

On our Loire Valley Biking trip, we roll out the red carpet for you in the playground of French kings and queens past. Bike through the stunning countryside and take in the regal châteaux, ancient monuments and, of course, miles of verdant vines.

Detailed Itinerary

books about loire valleyEyewitness Guide Loire Valley

Eyewitness Guides

Visually rich, comprehensive, and practical, this guidebook is an excellent introduction to the history, culture and attractions of the Loire Valley. Highly recommended.

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books about loire valleyChocolat

By Joanne Harris

This charming novel set in the Loire Valley pits provincial morals against pleasure. Adapted into a popular movie.

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books about loire valleyThe Sun King

By Nancy Mitford

An opulent, celebrated biography of Louis XIV. Gracefully written in a witty, conversational style, Mitford’s book brings Versailles to vibrant life.

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