A Wonderful Wine
Grand Journey

By Tom and Kathy Bogart | Wine Grand Journey 2013

We spent the final few days of our wonderful Wine Grand Journey enjoying the many pleasures of the Champagne region.

Highlights included an informative afternoon at entrepreneurial Domaine Corbon, testing our skill at identifying flavours, opening very cold bottles of Champagne from the balcony of Mumm’s iconic Moulin de Verzenay Mill with sabres, dining in the cellars of Dom Perignon and being thrilled by the wine artistry and passion of Anselme Selosse.

“Everything was memorable, especially the warm hospitality and hard-to-come-by Champagne…”

Shelves of Krug Champagne
Bottles of Krug line the shelves.

Everything was memorable, especially the warm hospitality and hard to come by Champagnes of Domaine Jacques Selosse.

What better way to round out the last leg of our Wine Grand Journey than a private tour and tasting at Krug? Ten in the morning? No problem. Very professional and informative, and at the same time extremely friendly and engaging. And of course, a delicious product. The tour of the cellar was amazing—decades of wines in storage to be used in the blending of Krug’s Grande Cuvée. What wonderful history and tradition, as the snapshot at right shows.

p.s. When you are in Reims you must take time to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is spectacular.


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