The Best Time of Year
to Visit Canada

As an Englishman who many years ago adopted a new home country, I have more than a few thoughts about the cooler months in Canada. Looking back on my early years here, I have to admit that I first approached winter—Canadian winter!with trepidation. But now, with a number of Canadian winters under my belt, I now appreciate it and even look forward to the winter season each year. And so should you, as winter is the very best time of year to visit. Here are some major reasons why everyone should experience the true wonder of winter in Canada’s Great White North—from the majestic Rocky Mountains to old-world Quebec, and the rugged east coast along Newfoundland.

#1) Peace on Earth

As the snow blankets the earth, glittering icicles array themselves under the eaves, and even the trees are adorned with icy shine or a dusting of snow, there is something serene and tranquil about the peace and quiet of winter, especially if you are really off the grid or in a remote corner (perhaps iceberg-viewing), preferably in a cozy lodge with a crackling fireplace and a hot toddy to warm your hands!

#2) Make it a Family Affair

Especially if your kids or grandkids have never seen the snow, making your way north is one of life’s truly magical experiences when you are seeing it through their eyes. Making snowmen, snow angels, having an impromptu snowball fight, or simply catching snowflakes—is something every kid should experience. (I haven’t even gotten into the other experiences: fat tire biking in the snow, dog-sledding, and more!)

Experience Canada With B&R

Newfoundland Private Walking Trip

On our Newfoundland Walking trip, see firsthand why the island is rapidly garnering a reputation for a keen arts scene and a meaningful approach to preserving a traditional way of life.


Rocky Mountain Private Winter Expedition

Immerse yourself in a true winter wonderland on our Rocky Mountain Winter Expedition trip, where the best time of year means snowshoeing, ice treks, dog-sledding and rustic, cozy mountain lodges.


#3) The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Is When Everyone Leaves)

Surely you’ve heard about the beautiful lakes and Instagram-worthy scenes in the Canadian Rockies…what most people don’t know is that fall and winter are actually the best times of year to visit. With the crowds thinning (or practically non-existent), you’ll also have the place to yourself. Alpine winter hikes and walks, and all your photographic dreams will come true. Our Rockies Trip Designer, Marianne Abraham, says this is her absolute favourite time of year.

#4) Get Outside! (No Experience Necessary)

You don’t need to know how to (downhill) ski to enjoy the outdoors. There are more than enough activities to explore, whether you want to take it easy with a simple winter walk, an easy snowshoeing session or a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Quebec, according to our Trip Designer, Dane Tredway. Or crank up the activity with fat tire biking, rock or ice climbing, or even a private cross-country skiing lesson from a medal-winning Canadian Olympian! We’ve got you covered, down to every last piece of equipment.

#5) Embrace the Weather: Stay Indoors

Cheeks rosy from the cold and fingers tingling, there’s nothing better than coming back from the outdoors feeling accomplished. And sometimes being snowed in isn’t such a bad thing. One of our favourite spots for a romantic retreat is the remote Fogo Island Inn on the east coast of Newfoundland. Experience the elements from the warmth and comfort of the inn, where you will be able to storm-watch as the wild Atlantic surges, the wind and the snow blows.


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