In the Markets of Marrakech, a Master Class in
Moroccan Cuisine

Whenever I travel to Morocco, I find I have difficulty remembering – or narrowing down – what drew me there in the first place.

Was it the mélange of Spanish, French and Arabic culture that results in something magical? Maybe it was the sense that this place remains a North African oasis: safe, beautiful and imminently welcoming. No, no, I correct myself, it must have been the varied landscapes, from desert sands to snow-capped mountains, practically begging to be explored.


Often I find that the answer was on the tip of my tongue the whole time: it was the immensely flavourful food, combining as it does the country’s blended culture with its seaside location, to delicious results. (Well, truth be told it’s usually a dead heat: the incredible food, plus all of the above!)

Whichever reason I credit for my trip, I’m always grateful to arrive in bustling Marrakech; it’s a fascinating city to explore and taste your way through, where half the fun is allowing yourself to get lost in the mint-scented Medina.

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The sizzle, smell and smoke of the market all come alive at night.
The sizzle, smell and smoke of the market all come alive at night.

Delving deep into the souks is like a master class in Moroccan cuisine. In the shops of the spice market you can learn all about the key ingredients that form the backbone of Moroccan cooking, while sampling from the carts packed with fresh fruit and spiced olives reveals the country’s bounty. Learn about the furnatchi, the communal oven and bakery that also is used to heat the community hammam, then indulge in the warmth of its fresh fare.

Evenings in Marrakech bring a special treat, as the famous Jma El Fnaa square comes alive at dusk, an overwhelming place to feel the energy and essence of Morocco. The sights and sounds, the sizzle and smells of the food stalls, the smoke, the snake-charmers (yes, real snake charmers): it’s enough to make you feel like you’ve arrived into the most mystical place in the world.

And you just might have.

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