The Ultimate Bike Tour of Morocco

Published by enRoute | By Susan Nerberg

From desert camp-outs to palm-grove picnics, a bike caravan through Morocco’s mountains and plains will suit you to a mint tea.

“I’m lost. To get from the hammam to my room at Dar Ahlam, I could have sworn I had to take the winding staircase just past the candlelit arch with the red wool rug. But this is a dead end. Or perhaps I should call it a lively end – the nook’s picture window and plush pomegranate- and saffron-coloured cushions entice me to take a seat. Looking out over the casbah’s 12 gardens, where you’re welcome to cut irises and roses for your bedside table, I wonder whether I should backtrack or forge ahead (whatever direction that is). In this fantasy maze, plonked in the Skoura oasis in southcentral Morocco, you never know what you’ll find up this turret or down that passage.”

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