5 Reasons Why Morocco
Will Captivate You

There are many regions around the world that I’ve travelled and lived in as one of B&R’s Experience Designers, perhaps none more memorable than Morocco. I’ve had years to immerse myself in the incomparable country of Morocco. From twinkling desert nights to sumptuous feasts, the Berber culture and the sweeping grandeur of the Atlas Mountains, the country is just as spectacular as it was when we first started coming here decades ago. Here are just a few of the reasons why Morocco remains a place of wonder and discovery.

The Atmosphere

Once you get to Morocco, you will be plunged into a world that involves all of your senses. From the whirling energy of Marrakech and the famous Jemaa-el-Fna square to its narrow alleys, the saturated colour of spice markets and high-end boutiques, sun-bleached buildings. To the sounds of the adhan, the daily call to prayer for Muslims echoing throughout the city, soaring from the minarets five times a day, everything is infused with a sort of dreamlike otherworldliness. Time takes on a different quality here. Leave your preconceptions behind to embrace a new world, and Morocco will reward you with her charms.

Berber People & Culture

The original dwellers of the desert and the mountains, the Berber people (or Amazighs), have inhabited northwestern Africa from at least 10,000 years BCE. Arabization of the Berbers (most are Sunni Muslims, but in the pre-Muslim days, many Berbers were Christian or otherwise) occurred during the middle of the 7thC with the Muslim conquest of northern Africa. From couscous to the tajine, traditional woven kilims to carpets, kaftans, silver and more, Berber culture is the backbone of Morocco. Stop for a traditional mint tea, linger over conversation and the hospitality of the desert!

Experience Morocco With B&R

Scheduled Group E-Biking Trip

This Morocco E-Biking trip will bring you from souk to kasbah to remote Berber village to mountain pass. One authentic experience after another. Unleash your inner nomad (on two electric-assist wheels)!


Explore Morocco with Your Tribe

On our Private Morocco Walking Journey trip, we give you its very best: vibrant Marrakech, Berber villages, stunning oases, fabulous food, a Kasbah hotel, and the High Atlas Mountains


Soaring Mountains

Morocco’s diverse landscapes showcase the beauty of the High Atlas Mountains. Here, you’ll find remote Berber villages, exceptional walks and hiking without the press of the crowd (imagine the throng of people at the central markets!) Stretching 2,500 kilometres (1,600 mi.) across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the Atlas Mountain range serves as a natural barrier between the coast and the Sahara Desert. Morocco has the tallest two peaks in North Africa, Mount Toubkal, at 4,167 metres (13,671 ft.), and Ighil m’Goun, at 4,071 metres (13,356 ft.).

Shopping & Crafts

From traditional crafts like silverwork, leatherwork, ceramics, weaving (of almost anything: textiles or baskets and leather), many of Morocco’s talented artisans are making both classic/traditional and contemporary-styled items. From soaps to homewares, jewelry or antiques of all sorts, Morocco is a true boon for fashionistas and talented decorators with a flair for the truly unique.

Desert Days & Nights

The spectacular stillness, silence, and isolation of the desert is something that everyone should experience, especially when dusk shifts to the pitch black of night. Time seems to stretch on forever, and it’s something you may wish for, especially when your ‘hotel’ for the night is a luxury desert camp. From a canopy of twinkling stars on a cloud-free night to the moon shining over an endless sea of rippling sand dunes, the desert is full of mystery and wonder. During the day, there’s much to experience: joining a camel caravan, sand-surfing, dune-buggying or exploring the green miracle of an oasis.


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