Incredible Costa Rica

An inestimable local guide who reveals an aspect of a region you had never thought to explore. A local delicacy you had never heard of but will crave for the rest of your days. A bottle of wine so good you want to buy it by the barrel, not the bottle.

While planning such immersed encounters has become old hand to us, for our travellers each trip is a unique and (dare we say) sometimes life-changing experience. So when travellers Bernadette “Bernie” Park and Veronica Chiang recently wrote to explain what a great time they had in Costa Rica, we were grateful for the reminder that our passion for planning translates directly into exceptional experiences.

Bernie Park: “The Surprises Never Ended”

Back home and trying to get back into the swing of it here. No one to cut my pineapple or hand me warmed, scented hand towels! OMG we had the best time! Truly had no idea how spoiled we would be but B&R does a great job. You planned a fabulous trip for us and honestly could not do anything better!

We all had a great time and it has definitely raised the travel bar. Don’t think we will be able to travel without you guys ever again!! The surprises never ended. The highlight was dancing with a local youth folk dance group and private dinner on the beach in Punta Islita!! Everyone enjoyed the local adventures. Tortilla making and of course eating with Señora Olga, jewelry making with Señora Celeste and the other ladies in Punta Islita. Oscar, the chef at Finca Rosa Blanca, took us for a tour of their organic greenhouse and gardens. The kids loved it. A true farm-to-table experience!!

Elaine was the best fit for our group. We all miss her terribly, especially my girls!! We loved Randall and Gerardo. Marvin was probably the best concierge we ever met!

Veronica Chiang: “Absolutely The Most Fantastic Trip”

Local B&R guide Elaine
Our local guide Elaine was “amazing.”

It is with much mixed emotion that we are home. While it is always nice to come home, we had absolutely the most fantastic trip in Costa Rica. I do not think that any of us could possibly have any criticism about anything during the trip.

I would like to thank you very much for creating a wonderful itinerary, for choosing our fantastic guides (Elaine and Randall were amazing) and the seamlessness with which everything was done. It was the most stress-free vacation we have ever had and all three of my boys loved every second of it. Unfortunately it seems that it will be almost impossible to convince the kids to travel any other way again!

We certainly also left with a very rosy view of Costa Rica as a country and a respect for the people we met, all of whom were amazing.  I personally enjoyed their work ethic, the pride that the people had in their country and their self-sustainability philosophy.


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