The Slow Fund: Scholarship Fund with Kuska School

This feature is part of our Slow Fund Series: projects and stories that highlight the communities we visit and how we give back. We established The Slow Fund to support innovative projects that are reflective of the regions that inspire them.

Whether through educational, cultural, or conservation and preservation initiatives, the Fund helps protect various forms of heritage and promotes the health of vibrant living cultures and the eco-systems that support them.

The Kuska School is an alternative educational initiative in Ollantaytambo, Peru, where education, community and an appreciation for Mother Nature are fostered.

While monthly enrollment fees are manageable for some families, equal opportunity for education is bolstered through a community scholarship fund, which B&R helps to support. This means that families who cannot afford to send their children to the Kuska School can still enroll their children in classes alongside their peers.

As the only local education offering in rural Ollantaytambo, the school utilizes the multi-cultural environment to nurture individual creativity for local children, and the curriculum is focusing on developing each child at their own pace.

Kuska School offers a multi-grade educational environment, accommodation for visiting guest teachers, and a fully organic farm.

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