The 7 Best Places
to Visit this Year

After 50 years spent traipsing the globe, we’ve come to the undeniable conclusion that it is not, in fact, a small world after all—clichés and Disney World rides notwithstanding, of course.

Quite the opposite actually! As anyone who’s ever struggled to narrow down a locale for their next trip can tell you, the world is as vast as it is ripe for adventure. To help you decide where to abscond to next, we polled our team of travel experts to come up with the seven places you absolutely must see this year.

We’ve divided the list into two halves to help you plan your journey (and your year) accordingly: three places to go right now and four to check out if you plan to travel in the fall/winter.

3 Regions You Must See This Summer



For those whose evenings are woefully incomplete without a well selected vintage, Burgundy is hallowed ground. This region has been whetting its palate since the Roman era, and is mouthwatering proof that practice makes perfect. So naturally, it’s B&R’s first love—and second home. Stay in our pied-a-terre in historic Beaune and try our signature pairings: like cycling through verdant Cote de Nuits + dining at the Michelin-starred Le Montrachet, garden picnics + Butterfield’s own wine, or biodynamic wines + ecstatic moans.



Puglia’s location may be down at the heel, but there’s nothing remotely shabby about the stunning, sun-drenched coastline routes or the whitewashed villages and charming locals. Think Italy, with Greek parents, exquisite organic cuisine and some of the finest, most serene biking we’ve found anywhere.


The Dolomites

Glorious mountaintops wreathed in mists; fairytale villages with overflowing flower boxes; the bulbous domes of Baroque churches; log farmhouses dotting the valley floors—these are the images you’ll encounter on the lightly travelled pathways of Italy’s Dolomites, the mountains that divide the Venetian plain from Austria to the north.

A Family Journey For the Ages

On our South Africa Family Adventure, we weave together the most colourful facets of South Africa, from the peaks of Table Mountain, to the Big Five that roam the wilderness of the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve. This is one experience your family will never forget. (Lions have that effect on people.)


4 Perfect Places to Ward off Winter



This is a land of magic and mystery, whose rich history and fascinating cultural traditions are trumped only by the astonishing variety of its cuisine and unfailing warmth and graciousness of its people.


The Galapagos Islands

Explore the land that stirred Darwin and turned science on its ear. A pantheon of the animal kingdom’s strangest and most wonderful creatures awaits just off the coast of Ecuador. And when you’re not separating the boobies from the cormorants in the world’s greatest cage-less zoo, snorkel off-shore and toast the horizon as you cross the Equator on a luxury yacht. The evolution will not be televised; this is the real thing.



Cambodia’s ancient Khmer temples at Angkor represent one of the most impressive and well-preserved ancient sites in the world. The warm and welcoming people of Cambodia, meanwhile, embrace everyone with open arms and huge smiles, happy to show how far they’ve come from the years of war that first brought them to the attention of many in the West.


South Africa 

Visit one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes in a new era of reconciliation and growth. Follow coastal roads at the wild tip of Africa; enjoy private tastings at renowned wine estates; walk mountainside paths above spectacular scenery; discover the world class wines of the Cape Wine Country; and join expert guides tracking elephants, lions, leopards and other wildlife in the vast Kruger National Park. An experience unlike any other.

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