Top 5 Spring Break Destinations For Your Family

Whether you’re plugging away at the nine to five grind or studiously pursuing a higher education, by the end of a long winter everyone needs an escape. And since the beaches of Fort Lauderdale tend to offer a different variety of transcendence than the kind we’re after, we thought we’d provide a few suggestions for spring break destinations where you and your family can wind down the winter in style.

Five Favourite Spring Break Destinations

1. Morocco Family Bespoke 

How perfect is Morocco for a family vacation? Perfect enough to merit its own Explorer’s Index. This stunningly diverse country makes a perfect playground for kids young and old. From surfing lessons to a camel ride in the Agafay Desert, it’s a country as rich in opportunities for adventure as it is in ancient culture.

2. Costa Rica Family Bespoke

A diverse nature lover’s playground, Costa Rica never fails to charm, whether you’re kayaking through the thrilling rapids, riding horseback to stunning waterfalls, hiking through the lush forest or ziplining under its natural canopy.

3. Andalucia Family Private

You family will never forget Andalucia. Its architecture, food, language, music—even the horses—are unforgettable because they were born of mixed roots and the collision of culture. Catholic, Moorish, Jewish and Gypsy worlds swirled together for centuries to create something unique and deeply alive.

4. Vietnam & Cambodia Family Private

Cambodia and Vietnam form a magical and diverse combination in Southeast Asia. Civilizations from the past built gigantic monuments to their religions, and many were lost, forgotten, or destroyed during wars. We visit these marvels of the ancient world by foot and bike.

5. New Zealand Family Private

On a two-wheeled trek from Christchurch to Queenstown, learn firsthand why this place calls itself the adventure capital of the world. With an activity, shop, gallery, café, adventure or winery for absolutely everyone, this is the perfect place to escape the ordinary.

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