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Advice on Holiday Travel

With a busy summer behind us and the school season back in swing, it’s never too early to start thinking, planning, or dreaming of your next trip (here at B&R, we’re always looking for the next adventure)—especially when it comes to some of our most popular regions. It isn’t too late to ring in the New Year somewhere festive and cool—or to plan ahead for an epic Christmas next year. Whether you’re a spontaneous planner looking to surprise the family with a new adventure this winter, or looking ahead to grab a spot on some of our perennial favourites (we’re looking at you, Galapagos!), here’s our guide to making holiday trips stress-free.

Last-Minute Getaways

Let us do the planning so you can get straight to the beach (or the snow) this winter! From riding or walking your way through sunnier climes, wake up in a new country in the new year…or experience the delights of true winter in the Rockies or Quebec City.

Southeast Asia: Vietnam & Cambodia

A beguiling country, Vietnam has captured our hearts for over a decade. Let award-winning Trip Designer, Nathan Lane, highlight his skill at planning immersive journeys through the best of Southeast Asia.

A perennial favourite, our Vietnam and Cambodia Biking trip highlights UNESCO towns, hops along rural roads, rice paddies, and ends in jungle-wrapped Angkor Wat, an explorer’s paradise. Or take an extended trip all the way through the country on our Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi Biking trip where you will explore the country like a local. 

Want to travel with your own crew to Southeast Asia? B&R expert Nathan Lane can craft a private trip just for you.

Ring in the New Year, Chilean-style

Ring in the New Year on a secluded beach in Chile, riding along quiet roads through the countryside until you reach the coast on our Chile Biking trip. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for stellar biking, vineyard discoveries with some of the New World’s best wines, and set the tone for an incredible year to come.

Winter Wonderland

Stay cozy and experience quintessential Canada: with a crackling fire and with a picturesque dusting of the white stuff. Our trip designers, say it’s one of the best times to go.

Our Quebec Winter Active Journey highlights the true beauty of the province. Hardly sleepy, the oldest city in North America comes alive with charm (with none of the jet lag of Europe). Try something completely unexpected: from ice canoeing (!) to fat tire biking, the possibilities are endless in la belle province.

You’ll have the place to yourself as the Rockies reveal her most majestic views. Our Rocky Mountain Winter Expedition takes you from soothing hot springs to dog-sledding, ice-climbing at a frozen waterfall and even take a lesson on the cross-country ski track with a former medal-winning Olympian. Stay at the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs set in Banff National Park, with outstanding views of surrounding nature: wintertime magic.

Explore Canada with your clan: B&R Trip Designer Dane Tredway can make it happen!


Private Trips Made to Fit

We craft extraordinary experiences, tailor made to meet your every need, with every stitch of every day crafted just the way you want it. Learn more about Bespoke travel with B&R and reach out by clicking the link below.


Plan Ahead for 2019

If you’re a long-term planner, clear your schedule for winter 2019! Our most popular trips usually need to be booked a year in advance, especially when it comes to the busy holiday season. Wait any longer, and the best hotels, guides, and spaces for these trips won’t last.

An eco-adventure to remember in the Galapagos

Get the jump on Galapagos as you witness Darwin’s beloved islands on an eco-adventure with the whole family. Our Ecuador & Galapagos Family Adventure takes you to see the tortoises, sea iguanas, blue-footed boobies, accessing islands by private ship.

Go your own way in the Galapagos. Let Trip Designer Veronika Macas work her magic!

Explore the remotest regions of Patagonia

Go to the edge of the earth as you explore untamed, wild Patagonia. A place of explorers, rugged glaciers and craggy mountains, we take you into the vastness of the region. Emerge renewed and inspired for just about anything: get further into the wild on our Atacama to Patagonia Active Expedition or bring the whole gang along on an unforgettable Patagonia Family Adventure!

Prefer to do Patagonia your way? Reach out to B&R’s tough-as-nails Patagonia expert, Amanda Gary.

Embrace Safari Season

From the rainbow sprays of Victoria Falls to some of the most luxurious lodges on the continent, gain early access to the best. From seeing the Hemingway-approved “most beautiful lake” on our Northern Tanzania Walking Safari to marvelling at the balancing granite boulders at the Matobo Hills on our Zimbabwe Active Expedition—or simply enjoying the lush urban playground that is Cape Town on our South Africa Walking Safari, there’s reason to return again and again.

Our Africa experts can help design the trip of your dreams. Get in touch with our dream weavers, a.k.a. Trip Designers Michele Harvey and Christine Tucker.

Adventure your way through Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s a green paradise year-round, filled as it is with rainforests, a symphony of nocturnal animals at nightfall, and plenty of activities during the day to satisfy the thrill-seeker in you. Make the most out of life, Tico-style on our Costa Rica Active Expedition or a Costa Rica Family Adventure which will have you horseback riding along the beach, zip lining through the rainforest, and kayaking through mangroves!

Prefer to go private in Costa Rica? We know a guy: our oh-so-talented Trip Designer, Steve Wilson, can call in a few favours.

Yucatan Peninsula and Baja

After over a decade, we’re back to explore the offbeat regions of Mexico. Brand new, head on our Baja Family Adventure to snorkel, surf, and swim (perhaps along gentle giants, whale sharks) along the wild coastline of Baja California. Our Yucatan Active Expedition brings you on a pilgrimage to ancient Mayan ruins, marvelling at the spectacular Chichen Itza, swimming in cenotes and ending in chic Tulum.

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