Expedition-style accommodation explained

With more and more travellers keen to seek out singular experiences in remote corners of the globe—often inaccessible by roads and blissfully free of cellphone towers—we’ve gone ahead and created an Expedition collection that honours nature-based seclusion and the occasionally rustic accommodations that accompany it.

But before you start thinking we’ve gone rogue, take a closer look—these trips are often a delicate balance of days in a tucked away region (the part of the trip where you may have a time-cap on your hot shower), followed by a few days at an amenity-heavy hotel. On the other hand, some Expedition trips are full amenity, top-tier hotels that just happen to be way off the beaten track and require a little patience arriving to.

In all regions, our Expedition experts have done their best to pair the sublime with the glossy in equal measure. We want you to experience the highlights of a remote corner, while also balancing exquisite and evocative lodging (in every form) along the way.

Below is a little preview of the type of accommodation you might encounter on some portion of your expedition trip.

What to Expect on your Expedition

Kimberely Coastal Camp, Australia

Expedition-style is personified in this award-winning eco-camp, with shared bathrooms, solar power and all-natural products. Here you’ll find all the ingredients for a perfect wilderness escape—a pristine environment, deserted beaches, wildlife and birds, marine adventure, delicious fresh food, a cooling pool and magnificent scenery.

This is the Top End’s most secluded retreat, accessible only by boat, helicopter or seaplane. KCC promises only what it is—a comfortably beachside rustic sanctuary where you’ll enjoy unparalleled hospitality in a remote wilderness location. Set on one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Kimberley coastline, the camp is perched on a small promontory above the waters of the Admiralty Gulf. While here, you’ll experience fabulous scenery, gourmet food, unique beachfront accommodation, spectacular fishing, and ancient rock art.

The mood is relaxed and unpretentious, with comfortable rooms, shared bathrooms, and inviting communal areas. From the moment you step onto the white beach ‘doorstep’ you’ll feel like you’re amongst the only people for hundreds of kilometres… and you’ll be right!

Now, to provide additional Expedition context, we complement your stay at Kimberely coastal camp with another hotel—still far off the path—but offering a few more creature comforts:

Saffire Freycinet, Coles Bay

Built beside the azure waters of Great Oyster Bay, Saffire Freycinet sits on the gentle curve of sandy coastline that joins the Freycinet Peninsula and mainland Tasmania.

The suites offer a large, open-plan living area with a private courtyard and outdoor deck with lounge, and a bathroom overlooking Great Oyster Bay. Head chef Iain Todd ensures food plays a vital role here and uses only fresh, local produce. There’s nothing “rough” about Saffire Freycinet, except for the hikes. 

Feynan Ecolodge, Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

Here, the shower pressure may not be as high as you’re used to, but the innovation and absolute isolation of this hotel will blow you away…

From the outside Feynan Ecolodge doesn’t look like much, but there’s a reason National Geographic rated it among the top 50 eco-lodges in the world! Feynan, in turn, does not take that status lightly: it continues to look for ways to run almost entirely off-grid all the while providing an incredible experience. As dusk approaches, you’ll find the majority of the lodge is illuminated by candles, an ambient and intimate haven. All the water on premise is heated and powered by solar energy. All waste is recycled, all scraps dutifully turned to compost. Each morning fresh bread is prepared by local Bedouins. This is more than just a hotel, but a community enterprise.

Surrounded by multi-coloured mountains, the simple and understated lodge blends seamlessly with the natural environment and features rooms with a private balcony, from which you can soak up the breathtaking views. At night, you can gaze through a telescope toward the endless canvas of stars, or simply lounge on the rooftop terrace enjoying the star-studded vista.

Due to its remote placement and emphasis on sustainability, this hotel is fairly basic in terms of amenities, but we believe it’s entirely worth it for the spectacular, other-worldly hiking.

Desert Camp, Morocco

We’ve been running trips that incorporate a night in the desert for years. It’s a signature Expedition-style move and it’s one of our most popular experiences. 

Our private Berber Camp in the middle of the desert is not just magical and romantic—it’s also entirely comfortable. The camp features double and twin private tents furnished with rich carpets, warm blankets and very comfy beds, so you’ll sleep like a Berber and a baby at the same time!

Arriving to the camp at sunset via camel is a truly unforgettable experience. At night you’ll feast (and dance) under millions of stars.

Hotel Vira Vira, Pucón, Chile

A prime example of accommodation that fulfills all your modern amenity needs while also providing remote seclusion and proximity to natural wonders.

Set in a marvelous park and surrounded by stunning volcanoes, Vira Vira sits proudly on the shores of the peaceful Liucura River. Its gourmet restaurant uses wonderfully fresh produce from the property’s farm to create the daily menu. The cozy fireplace is the perfect spot to curl up with a glass of Chilean Carmenère in the evenings as the volcanoes loom in the distance.

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, Somerset Island, Nunavut

It’s fair to say that this lodge and the trip it lives with will require an adventurous spirit. If you’re up for it (which, come on!) this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

Nestled in the Cunningham Inlet, 800 km (497 mi.) north of the Arctic Circle, this private fly-in lodge is the ideal home base for polar expeditions. Run by a family of lauded explorers, it offers comfortable accommodation in a stark and remote environment.

This is the most northerly fly-in lodge on earth, so you’ll be delightfully surprised to find the lodge fit with a bakery (fresh sourdough, daily!) and an exceptional culinary team who have found innovative ways to incorporate local ingredients, all while highlighting gourmet fare reflective of each Canadian province.

With the remote Somerset Island at your doorstep, this is prime placement for extensive wildlife viewing, with everything from polar bears to belugas inhabiting the area.

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