Set Sail for Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Blessed with an endless coastline—nearly 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) of it—no matter how you decide to explore the Dalmatian Coast, at least some of it is sure to be by floating vessel. And what better way to connect the dots of over 1,200 islands than by private yacht? (Do I really need to convince you?) Let me count the ways…

Practical Matters

The best thing about travelling by boat is the sheer convenience. Unpack once, without the fuss of re-packing a few days later…you’re on your floating hotel now, no worries.

Get Off The Beaten Track

With the nimble steering of our skilled captain and the yacht’s small size, we can dock at out-of-the-way coves, fishing villages, and tiny islands that larger boats (ahem, cruise ships) can’t access. Hidden islands and locals-only spots are all yours to experience.  

Island Hop On Sparkling Seas

Strike the perfect balance of maritime and inland adventure on our Dalmatian Coast Biking trip as you sail by private yacht from port to port, while away idyllic moments at sea and bike Croatia’s dramatic coastline.


Escape The Crowds

Even during the busy tourist season, yachting around the more popular spots like Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split never gets too crowded. Visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon means you avoid larger tourist crowds. You’ll get to experience these big cities and feel (a little more) like a local.

Yacht Life

You could easily get used to the sea breeze ruffling your hair, waking up to the waves, sun-soaked afternoons, and watching the sun set beneath the horizon.

There’s also something to be said about this special way of travel, as you really get to know your fellow shipmates (and our amazing crew).  While away your time at sea by sunning on the deck, playing a quick game of cards, or leaping into the water for a quick swim or snorkel. (Or an afternoon siesta on deck).

The biking is unbeatable!

The best part of all of this, of course, is that we bring our bikes with us, so anywhere there’s a great route, we can set course for land and start pedalling—often on routes where few others have access.

Croatia is hilly at times, and the biking will test your legs (thank goodness for e-bikes—which are now available!), but it’s worth it for the views: we skim the coast, cruise through beautiful wine regions, valleys, and atop hills for some jaw-dropping vistas.


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