Rave Reviews:

Whether you’ve been working at something for five minutes or five decades, it’s always nice to hear an encouraging word (or two). And thanks to our amazing travellers, we frequently find ourselves feeling very encouraged indeed. Check out what some of them have to say about our biking and by-sea trips to Croatia.

“There is nothing I would change about our trip. We kept feeling that things could not be better than the moment we were experiencing, but then the next day would bring new surprises, new memorable sights, tastes, sensations.”

– Monica Lamontagn, Bespoke Dalmatian Coast by Sea

“The accommodations on our boat were outstanding and this was mostly due to the wonderful crew on board.”

– Emily Ackerman, Bespoke Dalmatian Coast by Sea

Toast to the Dalmatian Coast


“Sakis, our guide, made the transition from one event to another, and one day to another seamless. Biking was well organized and he was there supervising all the time. An overall wonderful experience was had by all.”

– Irwin Ackerman, Bespoke
Dalmatian Coast by Sea

“This trip left us with so many memorable moments: sailing out of Hvar, cheering with a glass of Prosecco to our gorgeous cycling routes, laughing with the captain’s jokes, dancing on the deck after dinner, following the sun setting on the horizon. We’ll never forget it!

– Isabelle Peters, Dalmatian Coast Biking


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