Greece with B&R:
A Mythological Level of Motivation

For Uwe Walter, travel is a daily part of life.

As the Director of Sales & Marketing at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, he knows a thing or two about thread counts, crystal and concierge service. He’s taken a host of incentive reward trips over the years and, as he puts it, “It’s the same old thing. I have to get dressed up to go to galas and hang out with colleagues on my vacation. Its just doesn’t feel like a reward.”

Uwe Walter in Greece with B&R
Uwe Walter in Greece with B&R

Over a year ago, Uwe received a memo from the corporate office. It was time to work toward a new set of revenue targets and in this case the campaign was to stretch those targets to a whole new level. With some hesitation he looked at the line up of rewards and found himself pleasantly surprised.

This year he would have the chance to experience what he deemed a true reward, a trip for he and his spouse to a choice of six destinations: Croatia, Greece, Scotland, Tuscany, Ireland or The Masters golf tournament. It sounded appealing, but he didn’t recognize the tour company providing the travel. And all inclusive biking or walking? That might be a tough concession for a self-professed control freak.

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

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"A trip to Greece had been on our wishlist for years..."
“A trip to Greece had been on our wishlist for years…”

“A trip to Greece had been on our wish list for years,” Uwe says. After reviewing the Butterfield & Robinson website, he was convinced that this opportunity was worth the effort. He printed the incentive with his targets and tacked it to his wall at work. “This was different,” he notes, “Money is hardly motivating because it’s so fleeting. But a trip to Greece had been on our wish list for years, and created memories that will last a lifetime. Getting a luxurious travel experience with my loved one, with nothing to worry about, was truly special. It’s an experience no one can take away from me.”

For Uwe, the experience delivered beyond his expectations, providing what he called a trip of a lifetime. One of his most memorable moments was a surprise lunch on Santorini. After debating whether to have lunch at all (there were so many things they wanted to see and do), they reluctantly joined their guide.

A breathtaking drive to the other side of the island brought them to a tranquil port-side hamlet perched on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. “Words cannot express the incredible experience we had. We were treated to succulent fresh fish, idyllic views and unbelievable beauty. We were treated with extraordinary attention. It was truly magical.”

It has been a month since he returned home from Greece and the rote structure of life has returned. He recounts the details of the trip, clearly impressed with the smooth organization, punctuality and professionalism of all the members of the B&R team.

As we end our call he delivers a big sigh, a smile radiating over the phone. “I feel like I’ve just returned to Greece” he says, the memories having flooded back. “I will never forget the white buildings, blue sky and emerald green waters,” he says. “The pictures in magazines are not fake – they are real!”

And for the last 50 years B&R has been delivering just that – very unique, very exclusive, and very real trips of a lifetime that reward and inspire world-class talent.

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