Tanzania: 5 Incredible Things to Do With Family

From the genuine spirit of its people to that indescribable feeling you get when you see your first big wild animal outside of a zoo or a BBC special…from the Ngorongoro crater to the peak of Kilimanjaro, there’s something special that Tanzania holds for me.

To be honest, I find it’s even better when that appreciation is shared by your kids (when they are old enough to travel with you)! In my trips over the years with my family, I have often marveled at how children are a ‘magic ticket’ to nearly everything, seamlessly helping you connect with locals. The Tanzanian people are the heart and soul of this wonderful country, and that’s why I keep coming back. Here are a few of my favourite experiences.

Honey Hunt with the Hadza

Head on a honey hunting expedition (as I did earlier this year) with these hunter-gatherers (known as the Hadza or Hadzabe) to experience a different way of life…honey will never taste as sweet!

Meet the Maasai

Known as legendary warriors and for their semi-nomadic lifestyles, the Maasai are distinctive with their bright red shukas and colourful bead jewelry for women. Visiting a traditional Maasai ‘boma’ (village), kids can play games and even try their own hand at a beaded work of their own!

Go on Safari

For many, Tanzania is synonymous with going on safari. The term in Swahili means ‘journey’, derived from the original Arabic ‘safar’. Bond over wildlife spotting and tracking activities on a game drive…after this, any zoo will be old hat.

Experience Tanzania With B&R

Scheduled Group Walking Trip

Walk on the wild side in Tanzania, as you dine in the Ngorongoro Crater, witness thousands of animals in the Serengeti, and greet a sea of flamingoes at Lake Natron. Our Tanzania Walking Safari gives you time to soak up the simple pleasures, step by step.


Private Family Safari

Not just your “standard” old safari, you’ll drive and walk your way to see the Big Five and more…through different habitats, including the legendary Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Great Rift Valley. Our Tanzania Family trip allows you more time and access to firsthand experiences.


Sunrise (and Sundowners) on the Serengeti

Worth the early-morning wakeup, the vivid colours of the sun flooding the flat-topped silhouettes of the trees, as life on the Serengeti stirs all around you…it’s a postcard come to life and a must-see. Sunsets are equally noteworthy, complete with ‘sundowners’ (cocktails) for the adults, and juice for the kids!

Make New Friends

Hands down, your kids are guaranteed to make new friends at a local school visit…or perhaps just walking around town. Chances are, a spontaneous soccer match will arise and your kids will be invited to play!


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